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Android App Dev. Training

Learn with our Android App Develoment course and become a master in niche coding skills with our Android App Training. 

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iOS App Development

Learn to code with Swift and make iOS apps swiftly. Learn the basics of Swift & SwiftUI and create a fully functioning iOS app. 

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Flutter Development

Learn Flutter to develop & build multi-platform mobile apps. We offer step-by-step training and certification courses for Flutter.

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Python Certification Training

Expand your career opportunities with the Python training and certification program. Program your future with Python.

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Machine Learning Certification

Become a Machine Learning Expert with Best Machine Learning & Training Course at JustAcademy. Learn, certify, make an impact.

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Core Java Certification Training

Develop coding skills with comprehensive training on core Java technology with project-based work experience.

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Advanced Java Training

Our Advanced Java course is your one-stop guide to master Java platform updates to take your coding skills to the next level.

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PMP Certification Training

PMP Training

The PMP® Training Course is made to Ensure that You Pass the PMP Exam on the First Try. Boost your career with PMP Training.

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The Best way to code your Developer Career at JustAcademy

Guaranteed Schedule, Certified Instructor, Accredited Training,

1-on-1 Training, 2-Hour Classes, Flexible Dates, Best Value.

Work Exp-Based Training

Master Full Stack, Back-End, Android app, iOS app development and more in real time live projects & work experience based training.

Nice Coding Skills

Master Niche skills-in-demand in Java, Python, Kotlin, React, Node.Js, and more to advance your coding skills.

Career Guidance

Get proper guidance and tips for Professional Development on workspace etiquette that will boost your career infinitely

Well Equipped Facilities

We provide Individual Working Spaces for developers. We also provide the Conference room for Individual courses.

Professional Instructors

All our courses are taught with continuous guidance and support from our instructors who are best industry professionals

100% Placement

Get 100% Placement at the fastest-growing companies like Amazon, Netflix, Flipkart, and more. (Terms & Conditions applied)

Be Prepared to Charge Through Into Top IT Jobs In The Industry

All of our programs and courses come with expansive career guidance services and personal & professional development that will equip you to use your learnings and skills that will help you excel in your current role or to ace your next interview and progress in your future roles.

Career Planning

  • Smart goal settings and approach
  • Personalised career planning
  • Group office hours with career coaches and guidance counselors.

Interview Preparations

  • Interview and Personal Presentation
  • Detailed Mock Interviews
  • Proper Guidance and counseling & tips for Specific Interview Rounds

Profile Readiness

  • Resume/CV Preparation, Creation & Review
  • LinkedIn profile creation & review
  • Professional hacks to get noticed by recruiters and tips to impress interviewers

Interactive and Engaging Work Experience Project-Based Programs To Grab the Best Jobs At The Fastest-Growing Companies

Train and Learn the niche coding skills you need to get a full stack or backend development job at a top product company and gain the work experience of professional developers working at Amazon, Netflix, Google, Flipkart, and more, with proper guidance and support from our instructors.


Work on professional projects like developers at Google, Amazon, and Netflix with an internship, to master full-stack development.


Assured 100% Placements

Free Trial

1 Week


6-12 Months

    • Learn React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MERN, and more
    • 7 Professional Projects to learn with real work-experience
    • 15+ hands-on micro-skilling exercises & workshops


Build projects like developers at Zomato, Google, Zerodha, with mentorship, to learn backend development deeply.


Assured 100% Placements

Free Trial

1 Week


6-12 Months 

    • Learn Java, Springboot, RestAPI, MongoDB, Caching, and more
    • 7 Professional projects to learn with real work-experience
    • 15+ hands-on micro-skilling exercises & workshops

Amazing Work Experience Project-Based Training Approach

At JustAcademy, you learn and evolve exactly how you would on a real job. You will start from the basic fundamentals, receive support from our instructors and councilors, and build your way to the top - through professional work-like Full-stack and Backend web development projects

Chance to work like an Engineer at Zerodha

Build a tool to analyse an investment portfolio. OOP JSON Gradle Rest API

Code like Backend Developers at Zomato

Build a highly distributed website for a food app. MongoDB Java Spring Boot Redis

Code like Full Stack Developers at Amazon

Build a functional and scalable ecommerce app. MongoDB React JS Node JS Express JS

Build an OTT platform like Netflix Engineers

Build a highly seamless video streaming service. React JS Node JS Rest API Express JS

Experience developing a Google News like app

Develop a fully functional news App like google news. HTML CSS Rest APIs Flexbox

Code like Frontend Developers at Flipkart

Build a responsive frontend for an e commerce app. HTML CSS Bootstrap React

Work At India’s Top Tech Startups & Tech Giants

Build your LinkedIn to connect to the professional world & develop your Github portfolio to get a better standpoint at tech startups and giants like Google and Amazon.



I took PMP Classes Online in Mar,2017. JustAcademy has amazing PMP Training materials and Practice tests. Dilip Chaturvedi was my Instructor. He explained course content with many practical examples, ran short quiz to raise the knowledge and intern better understanding of the PMBOK. He also provided guidance in filling PMP Application form. As a professional PMP he encourages a good Q&A session and clarifies all related queries.

Narasimha Rao Peddada
Narasimha Rao Peddada IT Director at Acsis Technologies Pty Ltd

I had joined PMP training course in Dec,2015 and passed the exam in the first attempt after the course in less then 3 months. My trainer was Mr. Dilip Chaturvedi who created a great balance in understanding the Project management topic and provided best techniques which help us to pass the PMP exam. Best part of JustAcademy is that they provide all support such as Doubt clearing session on PMP topics, Review session on Mock PMP Practice test. They share instructor details to whom you can contact at any point of time.

Dipti Zanpure, PMP
Dipti Zanpure, PMP Project Manager at Barclays Africa Group LTD

“ Really loved the teaching methodologies - learning by doing at JustAcademy. They teach with total zeal and passion. Coming from a non - IT background, I was unsure if this was really the right career decision for me. I decided to invest 2 months with JustAcademy after wasting almost one whole year trying to self learn from Udemy. I’m glad I took this decision! As on today, I’m confident on my skills and I truly believe this world has one of the best Android Developer downloading right from JustAcademy! ”

Jigisha Patel
Jigisha Patel M.Comm, D.Ed Android App Development Course (UI/UX, API, Firebase, Database)

“ JustAcademy is the best training centre for all who wish to be industry ready as soon as possible. They teach with practical know how and their teaching method involves all practical examples rather than theory. The concepts are not spoon fed rather you are asked to research like actual developers so that you learn to be a developer right from day one.”

Raj Gupta
Raj Gupta B.Sci in Computer Science Android App Development Course

"I'm doing my Android development course from JustAcademy Classes. Atmosphere is very good in JustAcademy everyone ready to help anytime. They create lots of opportunities to give their students job with good package as well."

Mohlashim Shaikh
Mohlashim Shaikh SSC, IIT Bombay Android App Development

“ Very good class with good environment and experience professionals. Best place to hype your technical skills. Atmosphere is very good in JustAcademy everyone ready to help anytime “

Devesh Chaturvedi
Devesh Chaturvedi Graduate, Project Manager Front-End Web Development

“ Best place to learn coding and build your programming career. The teachers and their teaching methods are really good. Enjoyed the projects and assignments given to me. They helped increase our programming skills and to be better everyday.”

Shivam Rajput
Shivam Rajput T.Y.B.E Web Development

“ Very good class with good environment and experience professionals, Best training center for android application. They also provide internship and placement in best companies. very good IT training provided here to everyone who is willing to learn.”

Harshil Gajera
Harshil Gajera IT Business Management Android App Developement

Realistic Work Experience, Realistic Project-Based Learning Get Real With JustAcademy

The best way to learn and train in a niche skills is by applying what you learn in real scenarios. At JustAcademy, we take it a notch higher by giving you actual work experience-based learning. So, instead of just watching tutorials or attending lectures and doing practical sessions, you actually experience building real products like professional engineers. Basically, how a real professional employee in a leading tech services company would grow their career. Hiring Experts too, look for real project experience when hiring developers and here at JustAcademy, we strive to provide just that. We empower developers with high-quality applied learning opportunities and build skills that translate into career growth and success.
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