PMP® Examination Pattern

  1. Computer based exam conducted in Prometric centers
  2. 200 multiple-choice questions mixed randomly across 5 Process Groups to be answered in 4 Hrs.
  3. Out of 200 questions, 175 are for final marking and remaining 25 are “Pre-test” Questions
  4. There is no Negative Marking in the exam. Attempt all Q’s
  5. The examination is developed by groups of individuals from around the globe who holds the PMP® credential
  6. After clearing the exam, you will get results on immediate basis, but PMP Certificate will come by mail within 2-3 weeks

Approach towards Attempting Qs

  1. First time, read Questions along with an options very quickly to understand scenarios
  2. Second Time, read questions again with an options. Try to link questions with Process Groups and Knowledge areas.
  3. Don’t miss important word such as Most Likely, Could be, Should, Must, Not True, Not False etc.

How to Eliminate Wrong Answers

  1. Read each of answer choices one by one and ask yourself the following questions.
  2. Does this answer choice respond to the question being asked?
  3. If not, eliminate it! Even if it is a true statement, it isn’t providing a correct answer to the question at hand!
  4. If it does, it mightbe the correct choice, so keep it as an option
  5. Do any of the answer choices use words like always,never,all,none orabsolutely
     Most answer choices that use these words are incorrect

50:50 formula for choosing correct answers

  1. Eliminate one of the four answers and your chance of getting the question right jumps to 33%.
  2. Remove two answers and you now have a 50/50 chance of getting the right answer.
  3. If two options are eliminated, your chances are 50-50 for choosing right answers. By Applying some knowledge, you can choose correct answers