Don’t get Stuck. Move On. Don’t spend much time on any PMP Certification Questions. Each Questions carry same weightage.

Don not get Stuck in Exam

2. Don’t miss any questions in PMP Certification exam. There is no negative marking. Attempt all   questions at any cost.

do not miss out any Questions

3. Keep tap on time that you have spent after 20 Questions. In every half hr, minimum 30    questions should be attempted

Keep Tap on Time in Exam


4. If you can’t find answers any questions in first attempt, choose best option by applying eliminating wrong answers method or apply 50-50 formula. You can get more about these method - Click here

5. If you are not sure answers of any questions, please mark as Flagged for Review, which you can look into in last 20 minutes of exam.

6. Keep at least 15-20 minutes for reviewing those questions which you had flagged as Review.

Time for review of PMP Questions

7. Don’t attempt to review all questions. Review only those questions which you had flagged as review.

8. Can’t find any questions to answer? Look for familiar words and phrases. Read though questions slowly and think about how can answer them.

Review PMP Questions

9. Don’t be tired. You should practice Minimum 4 Mock test and continuously sit and give exam. Just Focus on PMP Questions during Exam.

Don not be Tired in Exam

10. Never Leave Exam early. If you had left out time, please use that time for reviewing those questions which you had marked as Review.

Quick Review Of PMP Questions