Project Communications Management

What is Project Communications Management?
Project communication management includes the processes that are required to ensure timely and appropriate,planning,collection,creation,distribution,storage,retrieval,management,control,   monitoring and the ultimate disposition of project information.
What is Project Communications Management

Project Communications Management?
The communications activities involved in these processes may often have many potential dimensions that need to be considered, including but not limited to.

1. Internal( within the project)
2. External (Customer,Vendor,other Projects,organizations,public)
3. Formal(Reports,minutes,Briefing) and Informal(email,memos)
4. Verticals(Up and Down the  organizations) and Horizontal (with peers)
5. Official ( Newsletter,Annual report)

Plan Communications Management
Plan Communications Managements
Plan Communications Management is the process of developing an appropriate approach and plan for project communications based on stakeholder’s information needs and requirements, and available organizational assets
Plan Communications Managements-1

Plan Communications Management Inputs
Project Management Plan
Stakeholder register
Enterprise Environmental Factors
a) Organizational Culture and structure
b) Standards and Regulations
c) Logistics and Infrastructure
d) Human Resource
e) HR Policies and Procedures
f) Project Work authorization system
g) Marketplace conditions
h) Stakeholder Risk Tolerance
i) Commercial Databases
Plan Communications Managements-inputs

Organizational Process Assets
a) Standards and Policies
b) Organizational Guidelines, work instructions, performance measurements criteria
c) Organizational communication requirements
d) Project closure requirements
e) Issue and Defect Management process
f) Change control procedures
g) Risk control procedures
h) Work authorization system
i) Process measurement database
j) Project file structure, organization and retention
k) Historical information's and lessons learned requirements
l) Issue and Defect Management systems
m) Configuration management database
n) Project financial database
Plan Communications Managements-inputs-1

Plan Communications Management Tools and Techniques
Communications Requirements Analysis – number of potential channel is n(n-1)/2 where n is the number of stakeholders
Communication Technology – Factors that can affect communication plan
a) Urgency of information
b) Technology
c) Project staffing
d) Project length
e) Project environment
Communication Models- Key components of the model include:
a) Encode
b) Message and Feedback-message
c) Medium
d) Noise
e) Decode
Communications Methods – Interactive, Push and Pull
Plan Communications Managements tools and techniques

Plan Communications Management Outputs
Communications Management Plan
a) Stakeholder communication requirements
b) Information to be communicated, including language,format,content and level of default
c) Reason for distribution of that information
d) Timeframe and frequency for the distribution of required information
e) Person responsible for communicating the information
f) Person responsible for authorizing release of confidential information
g) Person or group who will receive the information
h) Methods or technologies used to convey the information
i) Resources allocated for communication activities, including time and budget
j) Escalation process
Plan Communications Managements outputs

Exercise On Communication Planning
Exercise Communication Planning
When to use communication methods
Manage Communications
To create,collect,distribute,store,retrieve and the ultimate disposition of project information
Benefits of this process is that it enables an efficient and effective communications flow between project stakeholders.
Manage Communications

Communication – Models and Method
Communication methods are broadly classified into:
a) Interactive communication
b) Push communication
c) Pull communication
Communications models and methods

General Model of Communication
Communication is essentially the interpersonal process of sending and receiving message.
General Model of communications

Control Communications
Control Communications is the process of monitoring and controlling communications throughout the entire project life cycle to ensure the information needs of the project stakeholders are met .
Control communications
Control communications-1