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PMP® Mock Test - Full Package 

This Package consist of below things. All test are Online Simulated Practice test.

  1. Get an access of  All chapter wise quiz,
  2. 3 Mock test having 200 Q's each
  3. All Chapter wise Study Notes based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.
  4. Application assistance document.
  5. Many more downloadable PMP study materials
  6. Register online through enrolling Full Package of PMP Study Materials at our learning portal (https://learning.justacademy.co ). If you have any query Contact us

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Benefits of Full Package of PMP Practice test

  1. All Tests are Online Simulated PMP Practice tests. Enroll it
  2.  All Chapter wise Quiz for Practice test
  3. All Chapter wise notes based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition
  4. 3 Full-Length Practice test having 200 Q's
  5. PMP Application assistance document
  6. PMP Short notes and many other downloadable materials.
  7. Duration of PMP test access will be for 45 days
  8. After subscribing Full Package of PMP Material at LMS Portal, you will receive an email as confirmation. Please create a new account and register for PMP Full Package Study Materials. If any facing any issue, please Contact us   

Note: Above Mock test and Study Notes are based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.


About The PMP Certification Examination

    1. The 4 hour online exam consists of 200 questions
    2. All questions are objective (multiple options, single correct answer )
    3. Out of 200 questions, 175 are used for scoring the exam
    4. Remaining 25 ( considered as pre test questions)are to validate future examination questions
    5. All 200 questions are placed randomly so that the candidate does not know the non scoring questions<

    Note: If you score more than 75% in the Practice Tests, then you have a very good chance of successfully passing the official PMP® exam.