PMP® Exam Questions – Chapter 5 Project Scope Management


  1. All of the below are inputs to Define Scope process EXCEPT:
    a. Project Charter
    b. Requirements Document
    c. Organizational process assets
    d. Project Management Plan
  2. Project Charter is an input to all of the following processes EXCEPT:
    a. Collect requirements
    b. Define Scope
    c. Create WBS
    d. Develop Project Management Plan
  3. Which of the following can be BEST described as a characteristic of Work Package?
    a. May or may not be cost estimated
    b. Can be scheduled
    c. Can be further decomposed into work packages
    d. May be monitored subject to nature of the project
  4. Validate Scope can be BEST described as the process of
    a. Validating that the project quality requirements have been met
    b. Obtaining stakeholder's formal acceptance of the project deliverables
    c. Controlling changes to the scope of the project
    d. Validating that all of the project's objectives have been met
  5. Work Performance Measurement is an output of which process:
    a. Define Scope
    b. Create WBS
    c. Validate Scope
    d. Control Scope
  6. Validate Scope defines a process that:
    a. Allows the customer to verify what was built against the requirements
    b. Occurs at the end of the project prior to closing
    c. Formalizes acceptance of completed project deliverables
    d. Verifies the scope management plan is aligned with the project management plan
  7. What is scope decomposition?
    a. Breaking down the work into increments of less than 40 hours each
    b. Breaking down the work to the work package level
    c. Breaking down the work to the lowest level of detail possible
    d. Breaking down the work by functional area
  8. Who creates the scope baseline?
    a. The project team
    b. The project manager
    c. All the stakeholders
    d. Senior management
  9. The validate scope process can occur at the end of the project or at the end of a project phase. What is used to validate the scope of the deliverables?
    a. Variance Analysis
    b. Expert judgment
    c. Technical performance measurement
    d. Inspection
  10. When performing the scope control process, which of the following statements is correct?
    a. Scope control validates the delivered scope for the project
    b. The work performance measurements produced are part of the PMIS
    c. The inspection process is a key tool and technique used in scope control
    d. Scope control is performed in concert with other control processes


  1. D. Please refer Define Scope process
  2. C. Project Charter is input to all these processes except Create WBS.
  3. B. Work Package is the lowest level in the WBS, and is the point, at which it can be reliably scheduled, cost estimated, monitored and controlled.
  4. Validate Scope is the process of obtaining the stakeholders' formal acceptance of the completed project scope and associated deliverables. [PMBOK Pg. 123]
  5. D. Work performance measurement is an output of Control Scope
  6. C – Formalizes acceptance of completed deliverables via a sign-off
  7. B – Breaking the work down to the work package level
  8. A – Stakeholders have input but the actual scope baseline is created by the project team
  9. D – Inspection is a tool and technique of validate scope. PMBOK® Guide, 5th edition, p 133.
  10. D – Scope control is performed simultaneously with the other control processes in the other knowledge areas. “Project scope control…is integrated with other control processes” PMBOK® Guide, 5th edition p 125.