PMP® Exam Questions – Chapter 4 Project Integration Management


  1. Which process formally authorizes the project?
    a. Receive project approval
    b. Identify Project Manager
    c. Develop preliminary project statement
    d. Develop project charter
    e. Develop project management plan
  2. Which of the following is true about change requests that result in corrective or preventive actions?
    a. They result in changes to scope
    b. They result in changes to the project plan
    c. They significantly increase risk
    d. They do not usually affect project baselines
  3. The project management plan is complete and is ready to be baselined. However, a key stakeholder just discovered a critical omission and requests an adjustment to the PM plan. What should you do next as the project manager?
    a. Implement a formal CR
    b. Make the adjustment
    c. Consult the change control board
    d. Inform the stakeholder that this constitutes scope creep and refuse to make the change
  4. All of the following actions occur in the Direct and Manage Project Work process except which of the following?
    a. Adapt approved changes into the project’s plans
    b. Collect and document lessons learned
    c. Determine the project life cycle for the project
    d. Staff, train, and manage project team members assigned to the project
  5. The difference between a configuration management system and a change control system is?
    a. The configuration management system is part of the PMIS - the change control system is not
    b. The change control system is part of the key PMIS - the configuration management system is not
    c. The change control system feeds into the configuration management system and is part of the configuration management system
    d. Both the change control system and a configuration management system are organizational process assets
  6. Which of the following is not a process in the Project Integration Management process group?
    a. Develop project charter
    b. Close project or phase
    c. Identify Project Manager
    d. Monitor and Control Project work
  7. Which of the following is not included in a project charter?
    a. Resource management plan
    b. Risks and constraints
    c. Business case
    d. Budget limits
  8. The key output of Direct and Manage Project Work Process is which one of the following:
    a. Creating the WBS
    b. Deliverables
    c. Enterprise environmental factors
    d. Performance reports
  9. Your project team is well underway with the construction of the product of the project. Some of the work has progressed and some deliverables have been reviewed by key stakeholders. During a deliverables review, one of the stakeholders found a discrepancy in one of the deliverables that needed to be addressed immediately. The team reviewed the stakeholder’s issue and agreed that some action needed to be taken to bring the deliverable back into compliance. The best definition for this activity is called:
    a. Defect repair
    b. Corrective action
    c. Quality control
    d. Preventive action
  10. Which of the following is not true about project charter?
    a. Project charter is written by the Project Manager.
    b. Project charter defines the purpose of the project
    c. Identify and authorizes the Project Manager
    d. Project charter is authorized by Executive Management


  1. D - Develop project charter process formally authorizes the project and identifies the project manager.
  2. D – One of the defined uses of a work authorization system is for the control of scope creep
  3. B – Prior to baseline, the PM plan can be adjusted without a CR, consulting the change control board, or addressing a scope creep issue. PMBOK® Guide, 5th edition p. 78.
  4. D – While the upgrade represents a change that must be tracked, it ultimately impacts the configuration of the product
  5. C – A and B are deliberate misdirection. D is incorrect. The change management system is subsumed within the configuration management system
  6. C - Identify Project Manager
  7. A - The resource management plan is a detail of planning and not of initiation, which is where the charter is created
  8. B – Deliverables. PMBOK® Guide, 5th edition, p. 65
  9. A - Did you think it was a corrective action? Corrective actions are taken to bring the project into line at some future point. Defect repairs address immediate concerns