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    Who can teach?

    Anyone who has an in-depth working knowledge of the particular domain and is very passionate about teaching and sharing his/her expert knowledge with students and professionals can teach at JustAcademy. Good oral communication skills are mandatory.


    Advantage of working with JustAcademy!

    Apart from working with a very young and talented team, you will also get the revenue-sharing ( Upto 50% ) opportunity  at the growing Project based Software and Professional courses training company ! You will be provided with a great platform to showcase your practical knowledge and skills that you have acquired over a period of time. What more, you can conduct your training from any part of the world!

    1. We believe in transparency and partnership. For Every courses, you will be offered for on revenue-sharing ( Upto 50% ) on courses that you are willing to teach to students. We will make you as Entrepreneurs in Teaching field. You will be deciding when you would like to have batch started, what are courses you would like to teach.
    2. You will set prices for Courses and Offer any discount. We will be providing platform to update course contents, price of courses etc.
    3. We will supporting from review contents materials, Marketing of Courses through different channels, working with students to resolve their query.
    4. You will be using our platform such as Conference Bridge details, iLearning ( Learning Management Tools ) Platform and many more facilities at FREE of cost.

    The Process

    First thing first! You need to fill above form. We will reach out to you within couple of days to discuss further . You will also get the opportunity to co-create the content with us to make ‘learning’ a very rich and fruitful experience for the learners.

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