Become A Master Back End Web Developer

Get Industry training to be a Full-stack web developer who can develop in server software.

Build professional projects & be a Master in the latest Back-end technologies with real project-based work experience in  Java, Python, RestAPI, Spring Boot, and more to land a top-paying career as a Backend Developer.

Receive 100% Placements with proper Career Guidance and tips for Professional Development on workspace etiquette as well as assured Internships and Scholarships that will boost your career infinitely.

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100% Placements


1 Week


6-12 Months


July 2022

Work Experience-Based Learning Approach

You will Master all the Back End Developer Skills you need to land the best Back End developer job.

20+ Hands-On Micro-Skilling Exercises

To Learn Cs Fundamentals And Practical Developer Skills.

10 Work-Like Professional Projects

To Master Full-Stack Skills In An Real Developer Environment.

In-Built Career Guidance

To Get Your Profile Ready In Applying For Exciting Roles In Full-Stack Development.

Properly Structured Syllabus And Learning Approach

And Lively Sessions From Industry Professionals.

Project-Backed Portfolio On Your Resume And Linkedin

& A Work-Ex Certificate To Impress Recruiters.

In-Course Career Guidance In Back-End Development.

To Get Your Profile Ready In Applying For Exciting Roles

You Will Work With Us To Learn These Languages and Libraries

  • BACK END (Server Side)
  • Java (Language) & Spring Boot (Framework)
  • Python (Language)
  • Node.js (Runtime Environment)
  • MySQL (Database)
  • MongoDB (Database)
  • PHP (Langauge) & Laravel (Framework)




What do back end developers do?

Back-end developers create, code, and improve the server, server-side applications, and databases that, when combined with front-end codes, help create a functional, seamless experience for the end-user.

What will you learn with us?

You will learn the skills for creating, maintaining, testing, and debugging the entire back end of a website. You will learn to code in Java, Python, PHP, Javascipt and run your programs in Spring Boot, Nodejs, Laravel and use databases like MySQL and MongoDB and more hands-on. You will also learn Backend Development by building real-world projects like developers in top companies. Fully practical learning.

Engaging Work-Like Learning Approach

We have designed the best learning approach for passionate and dedicated learners to follow while guiding you through a well-tailored full-stack development curriculum.

Web Developer Essential

  • Learn web development essential skills that form the foundation of any successful modern web developer.
  • HTTP
  • Linux
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Learn about HTTP and REST APIs and understand how apps communicate with their backend by tweeting from a Linux Terminal using Twitter APIs.
  • Learn to use Linux and get familiar with commonly used developer workflows by performing data analysis using Linux.
  • Get introduced to Cloud Deployment by actually deploying a real web app to a cloud-based AWS server.

Java Essential

  • Level up your foundational programming skills in Java before starting your project-based learning journey in backend development.
  • Java Syntax
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Debugging
  • Annotations
  • Get started with Java using VS Code.
  • Learn about Java classes and inheritance.
  • Learn about Java Classpath and Dependencies (JAR Files).
  • Understand how to perform unit testing with JUnit.
  • Develop your basic Java debugging skills by solving compilation errors and Null Pointer Exceptions. Learn to read stack traces.
  • Get introduced to interfaces and annotations in Java.

Implement Java skills to build bit.ly like url shortener

  • Apply all your Java knowledge to independently build a XURL - a URL shortener application like bit.ly.

Build the backend for a stock portfolio analyser like Zerodha

  • Start your backend development journey by building QMoney, a visual stock portfolio analyser.
  • OOP
  • JSON
  • Consuming REST API
  • Refactoring
  • Gradle
  • Exception Handling
  • JUnit
  • Jackson
  • Learn to handle JSON-formatted data using Jackson - a standard Java library.
  • Get financial data for QMoney by making 3rd party REST API calls using Spring REST Template.
  • Learn to implement OOP abstraction using Java Interfaces.
  • Learn to refactor your code in Java and bullet proof your implementations using unit tests.
  • Use Java build systems like Gradle to create your own JAR files.
  • Get exposed to a variety of situations where you learn to perform exception handling and debug like a top backend developer.

Build a Shopify-like data analysis tool

  • Apply your learnings from QMoney to build your second independent project XCommerce - a retail sales data analysis tool.

Build a scalable backend for a swiggy-like app

  • Build a scalable, distributed, Java backend for QEats - a Swiggy-like food ordering app.
  • MVCS
  • Spring Boot
  • MongoDB
  • Mockito
  • Scientific Debugging
  • Redis
  • Learn Spring Boot - a framework to build web applications in Java, and start building the backend for QEats.
  • Learn to add serialization support in QEats backend to convert JSON to Java Objects using Lombok.
  • Perform unit testing with Mockito
  • Introduce a database layer to QEats backend using MongoDB.
  • Use Java build systems like Gradle to create your own JAR files.
  • Learn to access MongoDB from the backend using Spring Data.
  • Develop scientific debugging skills to handle various issues in the QEats backend.
  • Learn to implement a caching mechanism using Redis in QEats.

Apply all learnings to build a Giphy like app

  • Apply your learnings from the entire program so far to build a fully functional Java backend for XMeme (a page where users can post and view Memes).

Please refer to Our Learning Approach and go through Our Curriculum For Back End Development Program

Benefits of Being a Back End Developer

Take advantage of being professionally trained as a Back End Web Developer at JustAcademy’s Live Projects & Work-Experience-based Back-End Development Program to get better Jobs and earn better salaries

All rounder

Develop modern, functional sites, APIs, and backend systems that load fast and work beautifully


Grow your site in phases, modernize legacy systems, and expand toward future functionality

High Demand

Integrate multiple systems and make their data accessible for API clients mobile applications

Your Responsibilities as a Back End Developer


Developing front end & back-end website architecture applications & database server for functionality.


Designing, developing & hosting APIs & Meeting both technical and consumer needs.


Ensuring responsiveness of applications. & Ensuring cross-platform for mobile phones.

Learn Back End Development The Best Way.

At JustAcademy, you learn and evolve exactly how you would on a real job. You will start from the basic fundamentals, receive support from our instructors and councilors, and build your way to the top - through professional work-like Backend web development projects.

Chance to work like a back end Engineer at Zerodha

Build a tool to analyse aninvestment portfolio. OOP, JSON, Gradle, Rest API

Build the backend of OTT platform like Netflix Engineers

Build a highly seamless video streaming service. Node.js MongoDB Spring Boot Redis

Code like a master Back End Developers at Amazon

Build a functional and scalable ecommerce app. MongoDB React JS Node JS Express JS

Code like Backend Developers at Zomato

Build a highly distributed website for a food app. MongoDB Java Spring Boot Redis

Experience developing a Google News like app

Develop a fully functional news App like google news. Java Python Rest APIs Flexbox

Code like backend Developers at Flipkart

Build a responsive frontend for an e commerce app. Node.js MongoDB PHP Laravel

Realistic Work Experience, Realistic Project-Based Learning Get Real With JustAcademy

At JustAcademy, we take it a notch higher by giving you actual work experience-based learning. Instead of just watching tutorials or attending lectures and doing practical sessions, you experience building real products like professional engineers.
Subject Online Course Boot Camps Coaching classes JustAcademy
Free Demo Sessions
Real Work Experience
Live Project-Based Training
Job Readiness & Career guidance
Internships And Scholarships
Course & Work Ex Certifications

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FAQ's on Back-end Development

What can I expect from this program?

This program will arm you with practical skills that translate into career growth and success at work. You will work on an eclectic range of projects - guided as well as independent - where you’ll build scalable web applications and gain real work experience while advancing your learnings. You’ll walk away with a verified project-portfolio on GitHub that will impress recruiters.

How is this program different from other online courses?

Existing ways of learning - video-based courses or expensive bootcamps, don’t provide the development needed when working in a top tech company. JustAcademy’s project-based learning allows you to work on internship-grade projects and multiple hands-on activities in a real developer environment to learn new skills.

What jobs will this program prepare me for?

This program will prepare you to ace interviews for Back End Developer roles in exciting tech startups, product-based companies, and tech multi-nationals. Our in-built career assistance will help you to crack interviews with resume review sessions

Do I get any internship/scholarship?

The first week of the program is a free trial. By participating and completing the free trial, you can earn an assured scholarship.

How will my doubts be solved during the program? Do I get instructed?

Learning on JustAcademy is similar to learning on-the-job or through an internship. Our JustAcademy instructors will guide you when you are stuck or have questions while working on our work-like projects. Apart from this, the JustAcademy learning platform also unlock hints when you are stuck. We will conduct immersive live sessions, to deepdive into concepts, and clear any doubts or questions you may have.

Is any certification granted at the end?

Yes, you’ll receive a certificate at the end of the program.

What if I have more queries?

You can give us a CALL at +91-9987184296 / +917829927196 OR email at info@justacademy.co

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